• Long ACSE review here
  • My 11-year old and I are going through the Python programming website at CS Circles together. Yes we're nerds, but so what! We're having a lot of fun, especially laughing hard at his typos in some of the programs. I don't know whether to be elated or threatened by the fact that the elements of structured programming that it took me 5 years in Math/CS to learn, are so readily available to my son on the Web :). He's enjoying himself and learning at the same time - how good is that?
  • You're saving me $1000's of dollars in useless class fees here in NY that don't work and when I finally leave my job to attend school and getting my ba in computer science I'll have a head start.
  • This is by far the most beautiful, effective and elegant solution to teaching basic programming using Python. Thanks to ALL of you for this.
  • Hi, can I first start off by saying what an amazing learning resource this website is and how much I appreciate the time and effort thats gone into making this.
  • My most heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in this website.  Over the years I'd made several attempts to learn computer programming, having always had a knack for math and logic and wanting to explore all the various personal and professional opportunities that I know are available for an expert programmer.  Every time, my hopes were dashed by an inability to get the compiler to execute even the most basic of commands and I'd forget about it for months, sometimes a year at a time.This site, for me, is perfect.  I know I'll have to master the compilers of the world eventually if I want to take this skill to the professional level.  But rather than being disappointed before I was even able to take step 1, now I'm actually learning the language and have something to build upon.  I actually KNOW some Python and can write some basic programs in it, and I'm addicted to how the frustration of getting the function or program wrong at first transitions into excitement as I finally figure it out, and it all makes perfect sense laid out in front of me.  And on top of all that, if I don't understand something and need help, there's actually someone there to assist me.  For the first time, programming is what I knew it could be the whole time: Fun.
  • Thanks once again for this course, this was just the kickstart I needed to finally get into programming.
  • Thanks. And thank you for the service you guys provide. I am trying to learn as much python code as I can before I take my first computer science course in college that uses python. I greatly appreciate this valuable resource you have made available with such responsive guidance.
  • Thank you very much. I am really enjoying this set of tutorials. I am a PhD Geneticist working in a Bioinformatics Lab as the biological consultant and they have decided I need to learn to program in python and fast. This set of tutorials is really great. In spite of having no computer science background and never learning a computer language before, I am learning this very fast and as soon as I have worked my way through this set of tutorials they will be putting me to work doing some simple programming. I just wanted you to know how well this is working for me.
  • You guys are awesome for creating this website!
  • I have used interactive tutorials and beginning programming guides all over the web, and this is by FAR my favorite. Some seem way to verbose, others are way to short and dont explain enough, this one so far is perfect, it is both shorter and explains better both through better use of prose and also very creative exercises. I LOVE it! Thanks so much!!!
  • First of all, awesome resource! I've been programming with Python for quite a while now and am trying to get my girlfriend started.. after browsing free intro material fairly extensively this stands head and shoulders above everything I've come across as a first taste of the language. The interactive web interface is brilliant in that you eliminate all obstacles to getting starting (no python installation, no messing with the terminal or a text editor, no mandatory login), and it's the only interactive tutorial I've found that's actually well executed-- always refreshing when somebody actually understands UX.
  • BTW, the site is amazing, much, much easier to learn than anywhere else. ;)
  • I just want to show gratitude for the lessons that you've posted on this website, they really helped me gain a better understanding of computer science (although recursions still hurt my head). I just wanted to thank you guys for having such an awesome website. Keep up the good work #print("Thank you.")
  • Your site was mentioned today in a post on Y Combinator's Hacker News and since I've been teaching myself Python, I decided to sign up and give it a spin.  I'm only about a third of the way through all the exercises but I love what you're doing and how you teach.
    The explanations you provide are complete, concise, clear, and easy to remember.  The balance of teaching to interactivity is perfect, and the problem sets you provide are far superior to other exercises I've tried in the past.  Sites like Codecademy tend to corral you through a safe introduction of 'type this after me' but Computer Science Circles has really helped me apply the things I'm learning in a fun, more thought-intensive way.
    Thanks for offering this resource to the public.  I'm both impressed and thankful.
    Excited to continue learning,
  • I just completed all of the Python exercises on your website, and I just wanted to thank you for making it open for anyone to use.  I just graduated from high school, and will not be attending the University of Waterloo in the fall, but am amazed at the wealth of information UW has allowed the general public to access and I'm so thankful for the new knowledge and experience that they have given me!
    So thanks for reaffirming my love for all things computer related... who knows, maybe I'll become a software engineer or computer scientist one day :)  Either way, I'll always remember what you guys have done for me!
    I'm sure there was a ton of time and effort put into making this site, so thanks again,
  • Since this is the last tutorial, I just want to say thx, it was really well made,
    probably the best I have used. However, it d be great if there is another advanced
    section about some important modules like time, random, sys, and even some
    articles about things like pygame and such. In any case, great job!
  • I recently found this website while I was searching for Python lessons. I'm using it and so far, I must tell, it's a GREAT site and I appreciate what You guys are doing for people who want to learn, people like me. I got up to Remix section, the last task.It looks great so far. What I love is that the tasks are given and there are only hints but not an answer of how a certain task can be solved if one gets stuck. It suits me so much because I have no friends that know Python language, which makes me learn and think even harder. I love it. Please keep it up.
  • I have taught computer programming for 20 years and just found this today. It is wonderful. I will use it with my grade 11 and 12 computer programming students and with my own children aged 10,11.
  • I just wanted to say a big thank you to all the team that created and are maintaining this web site. I have learned a lot and I really liked the approach of problem solving that is used here. Also, everytime I have asked for help, people were kind with me and very helpful. Keep up the good work, I will recommend this resource to anyone who wants to learn about computer programming. Thanks a lot again.
  • I'm about two thirds through this course and I thought I'd take a moment to thank you.  This is a really great course.  I am a complete programming beginner but I decided to learn Python to help me speed up some of the analyses we do in ArcGIS as well as learning new ways to manipulate large datasets.  This couse is giving me the background I need to move on to more targeted courses.  Having someone to ask questions of when I get stuck is absolutely invaluable.... it has saved me from quite a few hours of swearing at the computer on a number of occasions...
    Thanks again.
  • I love the training. My wife is an instructional designer and I sent her the link as a great example for structure and content since she's always looking for new ideas. Thanks for providing an awesome resource.
  • I can personally say that this his been the most useful and convenient source of information regarding Python that I've ever come across. I just wanted to make it clear that I really appreciate the work that you've put into this website. It's truly a godsend.
  • Thank you again for having such an excellent website, and I cannot even begin to describe how much these email correspondences have helped me throughout.  It would have been very difficult to learn programming without this kind of interactive learning (at least in my case).The reason I started to learn programming:  I am a PhD student studying HIV evolution.  My main focus is laboratory techniques (bench-top experiments), but I find the need to process a lot of HIV sequence data, which requires much more computer knowledge than just knowing how to use MS Excel.  There are a lot of bioinformatics specialists at my work place to process "the computer side of business" in our lab, and they are the ones who told me to learn python because of a library called biopython.  I think it will still take me quite a bit of struggle to get enough skills to be able to use programming for my thesis, but at least I'm getting started.  lol.  I'll have support from my coworkers too when I'm actually working on HIV sequences.
  • I just wanted to give a big thank you to you all. I've always been interested in computers, but it was this website that really rocketed me into learning how a computer program works.
  • Thank you all very much for this amazing piece of work. I reckon learning through doing is the best way one can ever do to learn. I learnt the basics of python within a week through this project while I have absolutely no background in programming in the beginning.One thing I'd love to see is to make the project more systematically complete. Such as dividing the whole project into 'basic' and 'advance' python. Then include content such as data structure etc. in the advanced material. That's just my 2 cents though.Once again, thank you very much CSC. You brought me into the 'circle' of computer science that I once thought unbelievably difficult to enter.
  • Chair of a CS department: "I don't see any point in teaching students Python:  just point them at the CEMC web site."
  • My special thanks goes to you for this great method of learning Python as a new program language.
    Infact, I have been tried several ways to begin programming, but this web page was the first source which really helped me.
  •     I just wanted to send a quick message to say thank you. I attempted to learn python a few months ago, but due to time restraints I had to put my learning on hold for a little while. I recently got settled in and decided to revisit python. The first tutorial site I came across was CSC. I was vaguely familiar with syntax, but this site made it so much easier to learn. I completed the first six sections in a day. This site offered clarification when I got stuck on a few of the problems and forced me to work the solutions out myself instead of just giving me the answer. I will be recommending this site to everyone that shows an interest in learning python. There were a couple bugs I came across while going through the website. Unfortunately I took no notes, but will be going through a second time and will send a bug report in through the proper channels. Also, has CSC set up a similar program for other languages such as HTML, Java, PHP? If so, where would I locate these? If not, is development of another tutorial being considered? Once again, thank you for the wonderful tutorial! Any assistance I can be please let me know.
  • I love this website.  Thanks for making programming accessible
  • I just finished all 18 modules and wanted to say THANKS for such a challenging and enlightening resource!  I'm new to programming and I'm excited about Python now! Now I'll be continuing on to the resources you've recommended...
  • Thanks a lot for creating the website. It really helped me in getting hands-on with Python in couple of days.
  • This website is awesome. I knew nothing about programming but after using this simple but very effective course I am so familiar with programming now. The one request I have is for a similar website for teaching language C/C++/Java with integrated grading system. It'll be a lot of work but I'm sure a well designed course would help many willing independent learners. Please consider my request as a little gratitude. Thanks very much.
  • First of all, thank you very much to the team that works on this site - it is fantastic. The teaching approach used on this site is excellent. Not to mention being able to get prompt help from real people, who won't just give you the answer but will instead coach you.
  • And thank you for a great site. It is so useful as it provides the perfect way for students to practice and apply what I teach them. I especially like that it teaches them not just syntax, but logic.
  • This course is wonderful for me!
    I learned python in Codecademy and it was very interesting and exciting. But the second step for me is the CSC. In the CSC the student is supposed to think and use creativity.
    The fact that the course is not limited in time as the coursera courses is primordial for me.
    I don't know if tomorow or the next week I'll have time and sometimes several weeks are in "arrest of programing"
    The interactive is good for the people that need time to understand and are not adapted to the scholary courses.
    There is no shame.
  • We really like your site; you might be aware that the UK has recently
    revived its computer science curriculum in schools so we are hoping to
    enrol our students on cscircles to help them transition from the old ICT
    course (with no programming involved) to computer science with Python.
    Thank you to the team who developed it!
  • I wanted to write to tell you I think this site is awesome. Most especially the visualize application, so awesome. Thank you for making this awesome site.
  • Just a small message to thank you for this wonderful free service. I'm a computer science teacher (high school) from the Netherlands. A talented and quick learning minority of my students are learning a lot, thanks to this excellent environment. It's even available in our mother language!
  • Just wanted to say thank you for creating this webpage. It's much more interactive and hands on than a textbook and makes learning easier
  • I have been looking for a long time for a computer programming tutorial so I can teach myself coding. Unfortunately, even those labelled for "Absolute beginners" went far over my head.

    Until now. THANK YOU for providing me with a foundation for coding. I feel like I finally have an understanding of the basics and can move up into wonderful things and more learning. I spent the first four hours of the new year learning python coding from your site and it absolutely was the perfect way to start my year. I am so grateful..